Monday, June 15, 2015

Foam Hedz Episode 12: Foam and Roll with Mike TV and Eric Summers of Get Set Go!

This video should have been out a very long time ago, 2012 in fact, but just as I was about to complete it a brand new hard drive failed. I spent $500 trying to see if a company could recover anything off it, but they couldn't and recommended a $3500 service that also couldn't guarantee results. So I gave up on it. I had lost the high quality audio, 2 camera angles for the performances plus all the HDV 24PS conversions.

Recently I ran across the HDV tapes again, and decided to try and finish this. I also had a low quality test render I had done from an incomplete version that had the other 2 cameras for the performances. So I converted all the HDV footage and resynced it, and overcut the web video for the missing camera angles. The audio is at best sub par, but I am not an audio guy and the high quality audio was completely lost.

So this is Episode 12 of Foam Hedz, where Puppet me interviews Mike TV and Eric Summer of Get Set Go and we share 2 unseen performances of I HATE EVERYBODY and WE WILL ALL BE STARS, as well as talk about Mike's writing and what the songs are about, and then talk about music in general. I think this is a must see for all Get Set Go fans!

I hope you enjoy it.

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